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Expert Commentary & Forecasting

Interviewed for/consultant to:

Open innovation: Practices to engage citizens and effectively implement federal initiatives. (2016, October). Washington, DC: Government Accountability Office. Available online:

Profiled in:

Goldman, G., Oswalt, K., Young, A. V., Jain, B. B., Toureh, A., Toner, J., Sharma, G., Inouye, I., Shaath, H., Dhoot, J., & Ojh, V. (2014, September 19). Global knowledge flows. Geneva, Switzerland: World Intellectual Property Organization, United Nations. Available online:

Technology forecasting commentary featured in Pew Internet & American Life’s Imagining the Internet series:

2014, October. Digital life in 2025: Cyber attacks likely to increase.

2014, October. Digital life in 2025: Killer apps in the gigabit age.

2014, August. AI, robotics, and the future of jobs.

2014, March. The Web at 25 in the US: Digital Life in 2025: Experts predict the Internet will become ‘like electricity’—less visible, yet more deeply embedded in people’s lives for good and ill.

2012, July. The future impact of the Internet on higher education: Experts expect more-efficient collaborative environments and new grading schemes; they worry about massive online courses, the shift away from on-campus life.

2012, July. Big data: Experts say new forms of information analysis will help people be more nimble and adaptive, but worry over humans’ capacity to understand and use these new tools well.

2012, July. Corporate responsibility: How far will tech firms go in helping repressive regimes?

2012, May. Gamification: Experts expect ‘game layers’ to expand in the future, with positive and negative results.

Popular Media Contributions

2022, July – Wall Street Journal, on the effects of the EU’s Digital Markets Act

2020, July – Computerworld, on data visualization best practices

2017, May – FiveThirtyEight, on fake news and retracted scientific studies

2016, April – Life Matters radio show [Sydney, Australia], on public sector crowdfunding

2016, March – WIRED magazine, on crowdfunding for public goods

2016, February – Press-Enterprise [Riverside, CA], on public relations strategies of the FBI and Apple

2016, January – Daily Herald [Gurnee, IL], on crowdsourced municipal logo design

2015, November – News Journal [Wilmington, DE], on the prospects of a crowdfunded venture firm

2015, November – CBS News, on public relations and social media outrage

2015, October – Fast Company, on crowdsourced journalism

2015, October – Tow Center for Digital Journalism, on crowdsourced journalism

2015, September – Army Times, on the circulation of misinformation on social media

2015, September – CBS News, on the public relations implications of Donald Trump selling the Miss Universe pageant

2015, August – E! News, on TLC and the Duggar family’s public relations crisis

2015, July – Los Angeles Times, on crowdfunding and protest

2015, July – CBS News, on Subway’s public relations crisis

2015, May – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, on public relations and new media forms

2015, April – Al Jazeera America, on crowdfunding and political controversies

2015, March – The Atlantic’s CityLab blog, on crowdsourcing and city planning

2014, December – Kickstarted documentary, on crowdfunding

2014, October – Xerox Real Business, on social media and privacy

2014, September – Financial Times, on crowdsourcing and geopolitics

2014, March – This Morning radio show [Seoul, South Korea], on crowdsourcing and start-up culture in Korea

2014, February – You Are Here radio show [Boston, MA], on crowdsourcing

2013, December – Marketplace radio show [Los Angeles, CA], on social media governance

2013, September – Advancement Live online video show, on crowdsourcing and development in higher education

2013, August – In Depth radio show [Washington, DC], on crowdsourcing and governance

2013, August – DorobekINSIDER radio show [Washington, DC], on crowdsourcing and governance

2013, June – ACM News, on crowdsourcing and the Boston Marathon bombings

2013, April – HuffPost Live online video show, on crowdsourcing and the Boston Marathon bombings

2012, April – Inside Higher Ed, on crowdsourcing adjunct professor salaries

2012, February – Dimensions, magazine of the National Research Council of Canada [Ottawa, ON], on crowdsourcing

2012, January – The Charlotte Observer [Charlotte, NC], on video and war atrocities

2011, October – Gulan [Kurdistan], on media freedom in democratic societies

2011, March – Soundcheck radio show [New York, NY], on crowdfunding in the recording industry

2011, March – The News & Observer [Raleigh, NC], on crowdfunding for creative industries

2011, January –, on crowdsourcing for small businesses

2010, November – TIME magazine, on crowdsourcing in business

2010, October – Science in the Triangle blog [Research Triangle Park, NC], on crowdsourcing for urban planning

2010, October – Poynter Online [St. Petersburg, FL], on user-generated content and news

2010, October – The News & Observer [Raleigh, NC], on online reputation and gossip

2010, September – Triangle Business Journal [Raleigh, NC], on online marketing for small businesses

2010, September – The News & Observer [Raleigh, NC], on online reputation and Facebook

2010, July – Público [Lisbon, Portugal], on crowdsourced art [in Portuguese]

2010, June – Sacramento Bee [Sacramento, CA], on crowdsourcing solutions to the Gulf oil spill

2010, March – Campus Technology magazine, on crowdsourcing IT functions in higher education

2009, September – Deseret News [Salt Lake City, UT], on the Next Stop Design project

2009, June – The Daily Debrief radio show [Washington, DC], on the Next Stop Design project

2009, June – CoolTown Studios Blog [Washington, DC], on the Next Stop Design project

2008, November – Utah CEO Magazine, on social networking

2008, August – Where We Live radio show [Hartford, CT], on crowdsourcing

2007, July – Daily Utah Chronicle [Salt Lake City, UT], on social networking between teachers and students

2007, Home is Where the Heart is educational video [Salt Lake City, UT], on transgender issues

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